Delicious Restraint

By Luce Sutherland

Delicious Restraint – Coming Soon

Paige Delacorte is a successful author of erotica who carefully conceals her real identity from the world. She has given up on ever finding a man who shares her dark desires, so she lives vicariously through the heroines of her books. Her friends are concerned she is becoming a recluse and want to plan an intervention.

As the deadline for her latest novel approaches, she is battling a bad case of writers block, sexual frustration, and an obnoxious neighbor hosting loud parties next door.

Aaron Traynor is a voluptuary… which means he is devoted to luxury and sensual pleasure. When he comes to his home in South Palm Beach for the winter, it is to enjoy everything that the sunshine state has to offer.

The uptight little troublemaker next door needs to lighten up because he has no intention of toning it down.

If she calls the police again, she might be the one in handcuffs.