Delicious Deception

By Luce Sutherland

Delicious Deception – Coming Soon

Extremely successful venture capitalists, Gage, Cole, and Aaron first met as freshmen at Harvard. Succumbing to a dare from their fellow fraternity brothers to attend a “Munch” club meeting for students with kinky interests, they discovered a shared interest in BDSM. It wasn’t long before their reputations became known around Cambridge. When they moved off campus, their house parties were legendary. Any woman who wanted to try a little bondage or submission could get an invitation.

They were quite a team, focusing on work first, women second, sleep third. They spent countless sleepless nights perfecting a software program to detect anomalies, fraud, and patterns in trading, resulting in a patent which set them up financially for the rest of their lives.

Cole Bradford is the tall Texan hero of Delicious Deception, which is set in Houston, Texas.

When he meets a young woman in the lobby of his hotel, his spidey senses kick into overdrive. One minute she’s as wary and skittish as a newborn kitten. In the next, she is fierce and poised to scratch his eyes out. There are secrets behind those alluring brown eyes and he aims to uncover them. But first he has to convince her not to run.