What Does It Mean To Live Life Juicy?

What Does It Mean To Live Life Juicy?

For me, Live Life Juicy means living your truth with integrity, faith and conviction. In order to do that, you must know who you are and what you want, and be willing to fight for it.

It also means being able to ignore negative judgmental people who may try to dissuade you from your goals and dreams. Believe me, I know this is not simple and it takes practice to block self doubt, naysayers and douchebags who expect you to fail.

I am blessed to have a partner who loves all of me, including the light and the dark parts. He encourages me every day to dream big and reach for it. I am also blessed with a tremendous circle of friends who fill me with confidence and excitement whenever I start to waver.

About 28 years ago, I started to dabble with writing.  I wrote and stalled, wrote and deleted. Fifteen cool book ideas sat unfinished and hidden from the world. I found a million reasons to put them aside. Life, my job, shame, shyness and fear of judgement, success, or both. I never finished any of them. Until now.

They say patience is a virtue… Pffft! I’m not so sure. Pursuing the traditional publishing route means patience is imperative.

So…while my manuscript is in the queue waiting to be reviewed and accepted, I will blog and send teasers, so you have good reason to hang on for the entire ride! Please sign up, share with your friends, send them to my website.  The first 20 subscribers will receive a free signed copy of the book: Delicious Surrender.

Be sure to watch for future blogs where I will share what I believe will help us all Live Life Juicy.


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