Luce Sutherland

Author of Juicy Erotic Romance

About The Author

Luce Sutherland is a bit of an enigma.

She loves Hallmark movies even though there’s never any French kissing or sex. When those don’t cut it, she dives into dark mafia romance novels with irredeemable bad boys with tattoos. Her love of reading started with historical romances and soon developed into an addiction to hot, sexy, erotic romances – where the heroines are feisty, determined and fake-it-til-you-make-it-brave.

The heroines of her stories are not innocent virgins –in fact they really like sex (yeah, even oral sex) and they fall for dominant alpha men who are difficult, deviant, and delicious. But what the hell, no risk, no reward, right?! Did I mention the sex?  There will be plenty of it – not every other page, but enough to keep you coming back.

And buying batteries.

Her philosophy is Live Life Juicy!

Coming Soon – The Delicious Series:

Delicious Surrender 2023

An aspiring erotic novelist on a quest for knowledge of D/s, assumes the role of a submissive, and finds herself at the mercy of a dominant Scotsman bent on teaching her the dangers of playing with fire…

What happens when he sets out to uncover her true motives?  Photo Credit

Delicious Deception Coming Soon

A young woman on the run from an abusive relationship, creates a new identity and finds a safe haven under the watchful eye of a dominant entrepreneur, intent on uncovering her mysterious past.

What happens when she betrays him?  Photo Credit

Delicious Restraint Coming Soon

A reclusive erotica author who carefully conceals her real identity from the world, has given up on ever finding a man who shares her dark desires, until she meets her match right next door.

Will she take a chance and risk her heart and secret life?  Photo Credit