Luce Sutherland

Author of Juicy Erotic Romance

About The Author

Luce Sutherland is a bit of an enigma. She gives off a super nice girl vibe, unless you cut her off, drive slow in the fast lane, or pretend to be something you are not. Then watch out. Beautifully articulated obscenities abound.

So, how did she get here?

It all began with consumable, rather addictive Harlequin Presents novels. There was something appealing about those demanding, often arrogant men in positions of power, wooing the object of their desires. After a particularly messy breakup, Luce stumbled upon the bodice-ripping, historical romances of Johanna Lindsey. You may remember, a shirtless, glistening Fabio graced many a cover back in those days…

Long before Fifty Shades burst onto the scene, Black Lace erotic novels were strategically placed on the top shelf of the romance section of your local bookstore.  You had to have guts to take them up to the counter. The embarrassment was worth it!

When they disappeared, Luce resorted to writing her own juicy stories.

Fast forward to 2020 & 21. Thanks to the virus that shall not be named, she hunkered down and finished her debut novel: Delicious Surrender.  Yes!  It will be the first of many!

She is writing for women who are unapologetic about what they want.  Hopefully they have a six-speed vibrator tucked in their bedside table in case their partner is not handy. The Delicious series of books will explore relationships between sexually adventurous women and the dominant, alpha heroes they aim to tame. Key ingredients will include complex plot twists, spicy sex scenes, D/s, a diverse supporting cast, emotional demons, and a hard-fought happy ending.

Her compelling female characters are in a word: ballsy! They fall for men who are difficult, deviant and delicious. But what the hell, no risk, no reward, right?! There will be plenty of sex… not on every other page, but enough to keep you coming back.

And buying batteries.

Her philosophy is LIVE LIFE JUICY!  If you are intrigued, please sign up for her blog.

Coming Soon – The Delicious Series:

Delicious Surrender Coming in December 2024

An aspiring erotic novelist on a quest for knowledge of D/s assumes the role of a submissive, and finds herself at the mercy of a dominant Scotsman bent on teaching her the dangers of playing with fire…

What happens when he sets out to uncover her true motives?

Photo Credit  Thanks to Christopher Lane for allowing me to feature his original work called Tink’s Fetish

Delicious Deception Coming Soon

A young woman on the run from her past finds safe haven in Houston under the watchful eye of a dominant entrepreneur intent on uncovering her mysterious past.

Will she trust him with her secrets?

Photo Credit

Delicious Restraint Coming Later

A reclusive erotica author who carefully conceals her real identity from the world has given up on ever finding a man she can share her darkest desires with. At least her hunky massage therapist follows directions nicely. That always hits the spot… until her own personal kryptonite moves in next door.

Can she afford to let her guard down and relinquish control to another?

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